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In most states, you can get your Responsible Serving® Card (Alcohol Seller/Server License) online! In some areas this is known as a bartender permit or license, or as an alcohol server permit. With your responsible serving® card you will be able to work as an alcohol seller and server and even be a bartender.

Sign up for your state's Responsible Serving® course to be a certified bartender in your state or to be a licensed alcohol seller or server at restaurants, bars and bartenders. The Responsible Serving® course will go through your state's alcohol laws and regulations that you need to know to receive your Responsible Serving® Card.

Learn Bartender Training online also offers bartender training online from PSCC. The Bartender Mixology course will teach you all you need to know to be a professional bartender including drink recipes, cream drinks, garnish & mixers, 2 liquor drinks, martinis, highball & Juice drinks, exotic drinks, wine drinks, hot drinks, shooters, customer service, and much more!

Get your entire staff certified
The FREE Employer Account from PSCC can help you get your entire staff through any of our bartender training or certification courses to receive their Responsible Serving® Card. The Employer Account allows employers to check the progress of their employees as they move through the course and even print their employee's certificate once they have successfully completed the course.

Three easy steps to get state's Responsible Serving® Card:
  1. Order your state's "Responsible Serving®" course Enroll now
  2. Take the course online at your leisure
  3. Print your official certificate online instantly
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